Welcome to Power & Project Controls Ltd

With the name of Power & Project Controls (PPC) it set of its journey at the fag end of nineteen century and it turned into a limited company in 2003 with due accreditation. Managing Director, a well-experienced engineer who gathered a vast knowledge in different fields especially in the project works and power sectors. Analytically the word “POWER” stands for Electricity which is exclusively a electrical term and “PROJECT” stands for a combined work of electromechanical, electronic, automation, instrumentation and controls with related civil works. Hence “POWER & PROJECT CONTROLS” is a fundamental term to do any work whatever is the nature of the job. The company executives are very much familiar to handle the project works like power stations upto 210 MW, electrical substations up to 230 KV in power sectors and Regulating and metering Station(RMS), Customer metering station(CMS), manifold stations for the transmission and distribution network in the Gas sectors for more than fifteen years. That is why the company activities are entirely engineering oriented. Slowly and gradually the scope of works enhance a lot and to cover up the responsibilities a team of professional graduate engineers with other technical personnel are engaged to implement the work plan of PPCL. The project design, execution, installation, testing and commissioning are done by the own staff of PPCL in most of the cases. Due to the sufficient technical back up ability PPCL undertake warranty services very confidently for the project job.